InTerraChem is a leading manufacturer of deliquescing desiccants for drying natural gas.

Desiccant dehydration has proved to be a dependable alternative technology to conventional dehydration methods typically using triethylene glycol.  Advances in dry material blending, tableting, formulation, and equipment design, have enabled the use of desiccant in dehydration of sales gas, fuel gas, sour gas, and excess or “peak” gas, and in hydrate control.

The operational simplicity of deliquescing desiccants offers many advantages over traditional drying methods including:  no VOC’s or BTEX emissions, no ground contamination, no fire hazard, low maintenance and most importantly low capital expense.

Dehydration with deliquescent desiccants from InTerraChem is an easy process.  The wet gas stream flows through a Desiccant vessel that contains a layer of desiccant.  Moisture in the gas is absorbed on the desiccant surface and begins to dissolve the desiccant.  The resulting salt solution that is still hygroscopic, and continues to attract water.  As more water accumulates on the desiccant tables, droplets form and drip into a sump at the bottom of the desiccant vessel.  As a liquid level increases, it can be automatically or manually discharged.  The only by-product is common brine water, which is easily disposed.  New desiccant is simply added to each dryer when needed.  Please contact an InTerraChem representative to get a cost comparative analysis and economic profile.

InTerraChem provides a full range of Gas Drying Products including our deliquescent desiccants as listed below:

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