Toll Blending

InTerraChem provides comprehensive toll blending services for our customers.  We provide hassle-free solutions for numerous industries including water treatment, oilfield (concentrates and field strength), and the used oil market.  We stock the raw materials, manufacture, blend, and put in whatever size container you need.  We also have the capabilities, through our in-house chemists, to provide a unique formula for your needs or we can manufacture your formula and provide the product at your specifications.

Our blending facility has dedicated areas for specific blending categories, such as flammables, corrosives, and combustibles.   Our custom-built specialized blending tanks include variable speed mixers, high torque mixers, and low shear when needed.  We have more than 100,000 gallons of bulk storage (8 separate tanks) all with sonic measuring equipment to ensure accurate volumes.  All batches are weighed at every step of the process and are double-checked to ensure product accuracy.  We have 10 dedicated blending tanks for specific product classes and types.  We also can provide small batch reactions for specific product needs.

The powder division features large ribbon blenders for the thorough mixing of powders and liquids to the perfect consistency.  These products can then be bagged, put into pails, or drummed for the end-users needs.  We also feature two rotary tablet presses with up to 15-tons of compression.  We can make varying size tablets and to the compression you need for the specific use.

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